20 Hilarious GIFs of People Slipping & Falling Down On Ice

It’s been a long, cold, icy winter. Check out these awesome GIFs of people slipping and falling down on the ice from the comfort of your toasty living room and be glad you’re not them.

1. Portland jogger slips on ice in the street after TV interview

portland runner slips and falls on snow

via Deadspin

2. Man falls down on icy Dublin street during news report

dublin man falls down icy pavement sidewalk

via Ohmagif

3. Bakersfield Condors mascot gets dropped as guy slips and falls on the ice

condor dropped falls down

via USATodaySports

4. Woman with shopping bag slips on ice and falls

woman falls down on ice

via Ohmagif

5. Cute toddler stumbles walking on ice, eventually tumbles

baby walks on ice for the first time

via Ohmagif

6. Hockey cheerleader falls down on ice while gathering hats after hat trick

penguins cheerleader falls down

via 4gifs

7.  Idiot tries to jump into frozen pool, fails and skids on ice

pool fail guy crashes on ice

via jupiter2.tumblr.com

8. People struggle on icy stairs

icy staircase people fall down

via Cheezeburger

9. Woman falls on face while skating backwards

ice skating woman falls on face

via Cheezeburger

10. Cameron Diaz slips and falls on ice

cameron diaz slips and falls on ice

via moviewhoree.tumblr.com

11. Fat guy tries to jump onto frozen ice, slips, falls through it into a lake

idiot falls into icy lake

via gifbay

12. Breakdancing on ice

breakdancer slips on ice

via 4gifs

13. Women try to spin on ice and fail

spin fall down on ice

via gifsoup

14. Kid slips on ice, jumps and falls through, nearly gets swept away in river

idiot kid jumps on ice and falls into river

via ohmagif

15. Detroit Red Wings fan tries to videobomb local news report, slips and falls on ice

red wings fan falls down

via professormungleton.blogspot.com

16. Woman falls on ice

woman slips and falls on ice skating

via icedoesntcare.blogspot.com

17. Snow falls on ice walkers

ice walkers fall down after snow

via somegif

18. Guy slips on ice repeatedly, barely saves himself

guy repeatedly slips on ice

via laurenwantstoknow

19. Girl slips on ice

girl slips on ice

via gifsoup

20. I can’t even explain this one

guy pees on frozen lake gets pulled by rope by friends falls down on his face

via cheezeburger

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